Father and daughter become romantic relationships Incest incest, give birth to girls and television appearances

A 61 year old father and a 39 year old daughter in Australia got a romantic relationship and gave birth to a girl and it seems that it is now nine months after birth. Needless to say, these two are real fathers and real girls, so he seems to have been convicted of incest with incest.

But these two appeared on television programs, their relationship is based on agreement, appealing that they are seeking understanding and respect.

Details of the movie etc. of the program where these two people are appearing are from the following.
These are two of them, Jenny Deaves (39 years old) and his father, John Deaves (61 years old)

As it was quite shocking content indeed, various media such as BBC, CNN, and ABC are all taken up.

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thisarticleAccording to the broadcast day, 1.5 million viewers witnessed the program, and on the day it made a big fuss on the day. You can see the state of over 1000 comments and a part of the program actually broadcasted, about 13 minutes or less below.

Father, daughter incest pair 'lived under same roof'

The content of the interview is also written below.

Forbidden Love

According to this, the two are completely in romantic relationship, the child who was born is actually the second person. The first person was born in 2001, but he seems to have been sick and died soon after birth.

My father and mother have already divorced 30 years ago, when my father left home, my father and daughter reunited 30 years after my divorce, my father was 61 years old, my daughter was 31 years old time. He said that he did not notice each other that he was parent and child.

By the way my daughter already has two children with other men, and I heard that there are three children in total if you add a girl who is nine months old this time.

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