Different fathers have different twins

Whether it is an identical twin or a twin egg twin, in general, twins are born by receiving a sperm from one father, but it is said that twins that receive different male sperm are born, It seems that something hard to believe happened.

It seems that the probability that a twin with a different father is born is said to be one millionth of a million, and the doctor who diagnosed actually was quite surprised.

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Meet the one-in-a-million twin baby boys? Who have different fathers | Mail Online

The names of twins with different fathers are Justin and Jordan (11 months old). They seemed to have raised a birthday in Texas, USA in 7 minutes.

Mr. Washington, a twin mother, had a sexual relationship with her husband James but he did not contrace with other men (whose names were not disclosed) Because he was almost pregnant with two male babies at the same time, he seems to have given birth to two different fathers.

One day Justin and Jordan 's facial features are so different that when he was diagnosed at Dallas' clear, diagnostic, and DNA laboratory, the possibility that her husband James was the father of both Justin and Jordan was 0.001 It is diagnosed as%, it seems that it became clear that this twin receives sperm of a different father. According to the subsequent diagnosis, Jordan received James 's' sperm and it turned out that Justin was receiving other male sperm. Mr. Jenny of DNA laboratory seems to have been surprised that "incredible things have happened".

According to Dallas Pediatric Association Dr. Chris, there is a time lag before sperm arrives at the egg, and if you have sexual relations with multiple men during ovulation, sperm that came in later enters the sperm There seems to be enough possibility of overtaking.

James, who knew the content of the diagnosis results, forgives Mr. Mr. and told me that Justin will be raised as a real child.

Justin and Mia

Jordan and Mia

James and Jordan

There are 4 family members.

Currently Mr. Mia is 5 months pregnant and expects to give birth to a third child this autumn.

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