A 13-year-old boy becomes the father of one child

It seems there was an incident that a 13 - year - old boy became his father in the UK. It is a very boy who looks very childish but only an elementary school student but she seems to have challenged baby prospectively with her not being pessimistic for her being pregnant. Although it can be taken as optimistic and irresponsible behavior, it may be that there is something to emulate this positive attitude.

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Baby-faced boy is father at 13 | The Sun | News

The name of the boy who was 13 years old and became the father of one child is Alfie. When Alfie was 12 years old, she took sex acts without a sweetheart Shantel (15 years old) and a condom, and sex acts of that evening seemed to have baby stayed in the stomach of Shantell.

Alfie encouraged Shantel to check with pregnancy test drugs As I actually went, I found that I was pregnant. At this time, Alfie and Shantell decided to give babies without abortion. At this time, Alfie did not make a pessimistic idea of ​​"How to live a life", he says that there was only a positive idea that "having children is a good thing" .

This is Alfie (left) and Shantell (right). Alfie holds two children.

Shantell's mother Penny was suspected of suddenly increasing the weight of Shantell about only six weeks after pregnancy, but Shantell remained silent. Six weeks after that (12th week of pregnancy) it seems that finally it turned out that Shantell was pregnant.

I gave birth to my daughter Macy at Eastbourne Hospital (UK) on the ninth night of local time. Alfie seemed to have been in the hospital forever as he wanted to hold Maisy as soon as possible. Shantell and Macy are already discharged from the hospital, and Maisy seems to be taken over by the family of the shantell side. Alfie is also allowed to freely go to see Magey and said that uniforms and the like are also placed at Shantell's home so that students can go directly to school.

Alice who kisses Maisy.

I seem to be helping parenting properly.

I sincerely hope that they will be raised responsibly to the end.

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