Sisters that will die when listening to noise, exercise done with Wii

People who can live a normal life without doing anything have many unbelievable illnesses in the world, but there are illnesses that they will die if they suddenly get big shocks, such as listening to noise is.

Sports such as swimming are prohibited, and the exercise is done under severe management, using Wii.

Details are as below.
Sisters who could be killed by a loud noise - Telegraph

Church sisters who are 9 and 11 years old are said to be raised with great care every morning. The twoExtended QT syndrome"Suddenly adrenaline is suddenly secreted, blood pressure rises sharply and it is said that symptoms leading to death will appear.

Also, exercise which may suddenly have a violent impact on the heart such as sports is prohibited, and exercise is done using Wii when someone is managing.

Sister of QT extended syndrome, Evie-chan and Chloe-chan

Long QT syndrome is a hereditary disease and it is said that it will develop in about 1 in 7,000 people. Because the paternal grandmother was a similar disease,DefibrillatorI heard that it was attached.

Mother Samantha says, "It is like being living with a time bomb, the fact that when the girls are gone, the fact is to stick to my heart."

Fortunately for Church sisters I heard that it is okay to hear loud noises as long as my mind is ready, so he plans to go to fireworks with my friends.

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