FamilyMart's 'W Cream Eclair' Tasting Review Shimada Shinsuke's Acclaimed Reviews

As a unique sweet brand at FamilyMart "Sweets + (sweets plus)We are developing "Men's Sweets" series, sweets supervised by famous patissier, baked sweets and many other sweets. "W cream eclair" in it, "quiz! Shinsuke-kun"It seems that Shimada Shinsuke was raving acclaim in it, so I bought it immediately.

The price is 150 yen and it is a sweet suit that can be bought quite easily, but it is a dish that feels more than the price performance.

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W Cream Eclair | Chilled Dessert | Sweets + | Product Information | FamilyMart

raw materials.

1 piece 284 kcal.

I tried out it from the bag.

A cross section looks like this, with whipped cream on top, with plenty of custard inside.

It's not just sandwiching the custard cream, but also with whipped cream, I am quite satisfied. Volume allocation feels that cream is more volume than cloth, but there are variations of sweetness with 2 types of cream and chocolate coating, you can eat 1 bottle without getting tired. It is nice that it is said that Shimada Shigenosu was acclaimed. If you are going to buy a small cake, you may be feeling someone who bought two of this Eclair.

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