The purchase contract document of iPhone 3G may violate the Consumer Contract Law, communication is unstable even if communication is unstable

It is clear that the consumer organization has offered to delete the wording written in the sales contract document of Apple's mobile phone "iPhone 3G" sold by SOFTBANK MOBILE, contrary to the Consumer Contract Act. became.

Also, SOFTBANK MOBILE said that even if the communication of iPhone 3G is unstable, cancellation will not be accepted in principle.

Details are as follows.
Iphone phone document, Contract Law violation Written removal request

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, against the fact that the word "can not be canceled for any reason" is written in the sales contract document of "iPhone 3G" sold by SOFTBANK MOBILE, the consumer organization "Consumer organization JapanIt is contrary to the Consumer Contract Law, it is said that I requested to delete it.

The Public Relations Office of SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. said that the document was prepared by some agencies and has already instructed the deletion of the distribution and that other distributors did not distribute similar contracts He said he was investigating.

In addition, the consumer organization Japan asked to respond to cancellation even when iPhone 3G communication is unstable compared to other mobile phones of SOFTBANK MOBILE, but in response to this, "Because communication is unstable We will not accept cancellation of the contract in principle. "

OnceCase where SOFTBANK MOBILE requested payment of installment sales fee of mobile phone body for users who requested cancellation because it was out of the service area at homeIn that case, the consumer living center unconditionally responded to canceling the installment contract, but unless the communication is somewhat unstable unless it is out of the service area, is it impossible to respond to the cancellation ...?

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