New release of "Tyrant Habanero / Nightmare's Halloween" for a limited time

From September 29, the limited package of Halloween season only "Tyrant Habanero / Nightmare Halloween" will appear for the first time.

There are two kinds of package designs: "Tyrant Habanero, the pumpkin's ghost lanterns and ghosts express scary and fun Halloween night."

Moreover, it seems that there is more quantity than usual "tyrant habanero". Details are as below.
Tyrant forbidden Halloween!
Tyrant Habanero / Nightmare Halloween
New release

At the beginning of eating this time I feel the taste of vegetables such as onion and cabbage, the spicy of pepper course (pepper granules) added to the dough while chewing has come to come later, the expected selling price is About 135 yen, the content amount is 70 grams, it is about 383 kcal per bag.

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