New release of Nissin 's Tongyeong noodles ripe Thai style green curry from June 18

As a new menu to Nissin's Tenge noodle series "Rice Thai style green curry" will be added. New release on June 18 (Monday) nationwide at a tax discount of 155 yen.

The package has an impact of red pepper on a green background, and I'm looking forward to how hard it is.

Details including including what is green curry are as follows.
- It is hot and delicious, it is spicy -
New type cup noodle "Nissin no Tanpaku noodles ripe Thai style green curry" New release information

The soup imaged Thai style green curry, it seems that coconut, lime and lemon grass are fragrant. Eggplants and green peppers express the image of green curry, coloring with red bells, and adding umami with onion. And the maid's unique fry noodle which kneaded red pepper. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the harshness with blue pepper powder attached separately.

In addition, green curry will be something called green, gay, kyou, and wan out of Thai cuisine / gane. It is said that Prick · Key · nu · s kind of pepper is not ripe yet it is harvested when it is blue, it is green because it is made using green herbs such as spicy coriander.

Green curry - Wikipedia

It was quite hot and hard to be released, so it seems quite possible for this Thai style green curry.

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