Nissin releases a contrasting cup noodle "Wild" and "Mild"

Nissin will release "Cup Noodle Wild Hot Chili Pepper" and "Cup Noodle Mild Creamy Chicken" as a new variant of the cup noodle series. It is said to be released nationwide from February 5 (Monday). The price is 155 yen without tax.

The concept seems to be "cup noodle wild" where the body gets hot and "cup noodle mild" where the heart warms up, but what kind of product is it?

Details are as follows.
- New variations of cup noodle series -
Fresh cup noodles
1. "Cup noodle wild hot chili peppers"
2. "Cup noodle mild creamy chicken"
Information on new release

The features of each product are as follows.

"Cup Noodle Wild Hot Chili Peppers"
NoodlesCosiness and sweetness unique to cup noodles.
soup:For soy sauce based soup, use worse sauce for garlic, tomato, hidden taste. Red pepper, black pepper and it is finished in dry exciting soup.
Material:Meat minced, potted with leather, corn, red pepper, leek.

"Cup noodle mild creamy chicken"
NoodlesCosiness and sweetness unique to cup noodles.
soup:Based on mellow chicken white water, creamy rich, creamy umami, delicious sweetness onion creamy chicken soup.
Material:Chicken, bok Choyen, egg, carrot, red pepper.

Apparently it seems to be a completely contrasting taste. By the way, the package color expresses "wild punginess" and "gentle mellowness".

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