Eat and compare cup noodles "Wild" and "Mild"

New product of Nissin released todayCup noodles "Wild" and "Mild"I bought it because it was bargain sale at supermarket. List price is 155 yen without tax, super special price of 89 yen without tax. Accurately naming "cup noodle wild hot chili pepper" and "cup noodle mild creamy chicken".

Well, what kind of taste is it? The expected comparison of eating results is from the following.
This is wild. Meat minced, potted with leather, corn, red pepper and green onions.

This is mild. Chicken, chingen vegetables, eggs, carrot, red peppers are ingredients.

Pour hot water and wait 3 minutes ...

Completion. Wild aroma is stronger.

Let's eat from this "cup noodle mild creamy chicken" for the time being. It is a creamy chicken soup based on mellow chicken whitewater, creamy rich, clams of clams, onion flavored with onions, but as a matter of fact it tastes like a rice dish based rice cook. Atmosphere tailoring it to creamy flavor. Feeling it looks delicious if you eat rice cooker with this.

And at the end is "Cup Noodle Wild Hot Chili Pepper". For soy sauce based soup, use worse sauce for garlic, tomato, hidden taste. It seems that it is finished in a dry exciting soup with red pepper, black pepper, but it is not that dry so it is okay if it is not good to be spicy. The scent is extremely spicy, but the taste has been quite completed, and it is very delicious with the taste of a spicy soy sauce. It will be delicious if you make soup and have chicken dumplings on this. It is very appetizing fragrance and taste, so it seems to be useful when you have a loss of appetite.

So, I tried it with all the members of GIGAZINE editorial staff, but all of them unanimously raised the warrior "Wild". This may be entering regular.

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