Hot sweet cup noodles using Habanero "Nissin no Tonenashi noodle spicy Mexican"

It seems that a cup noodle used in soup from the "Nissin no Tannen noodle" series which is kneading red peppers up to noodle is used for soup which is the most difficult hot pepper in the world. Release is from December 11 (Monday) and suggested retail price is 155 yen (excluding tax).

There are other "hot pepper" which can be adjusted for hotness, and it shows a considerable attention to pungent taste.

Details are as below.
- This effect, pungency of the quality "hot spring noodles" -
Fresh cup noodles
"Nissin's Tonge Noodle Rich Mexican"
Information on new release

Feelings are as follows.

Noodles: Our original fry noodles with sweetness and stickiness, kneaded with red pepper.

soup: Mexican soup with tacos flavor concentrating taste of hot pepper, tomato acidity, chicken udon tightly.

Ingredient: Use chicken, green beans, corn, cabbage, red bell.

It may be a good thing to eat in winter because it can taste not only the pungent taste but also the umami of the pepper.

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