I tried challenging Kentucky's "Habanero Boneless" which seems to be so painful to scream

Because Kentucky Fried Chicken released a set of exaggerated names called "Habanero Pack" on Delivery Limited, I expected that it would be hot from Habanero to be named, and ordered it.

The set contents are set with the new product "Habanero Boneless" using the existing product Red Hot Chicken, Original Chicken, French Fries, and Habanero, and it is a set of spicy creations. "Habanero Boneless" is accompanied by "spicy challenge source", the package contains "When all it is applied ~~~~!Although it is written as "Is it really frenzied?"

Details are as below.Kentucky Fried Chicken | New Concept | Delivery Kentucky | Campaign Information | Habanero Pack

"It will be delivered within 30 minutes", but in fact it was delivered in about 20 minutes. fast. By the way I ordered 2 packs.

"RED HOT CHICKEN" on the left is "Hot Chicken", right is "Original Chicken". In addition to this, potato is attached, I think there is enough amount to satisfy the stomach.

When opening the smaller box, the main character of this time · "Habanero Boneless" was in it.

"Habanero Pack" 2 boxes per pack "Habanero Boneless" comes with 4 boxes for 2 sets.

Dangerous headlines drown as "The fastest ever in Red Hot!" "Do not breathe quickly!" And pictures of habanero's fruit are abundantly used.

Boasting about 10 times as hot as Tabasco, it means to express about 300,000 Scoville in terms of the unit "Squill" measuring the hot pepper's spiciness. My mouth gets tingling just looking at me ......

If you feel the limit of such Habanero 's spicyness, I encourage you to rest your tongue with dairy products and try again. I feel scared of this follow-up feeling rather than a phrase that appeals hotness.

There were three in one box. It looks adorable and felt cute.

A bite size as if to pinch your fingers. Because it has no bone, it can be eaten easier than other chicken that comes with the set. With courage and putting it in a bite, when I was claming the clothes of hurry, the hotness of habanero gets closer, but it does not become such a serious thing as written in a box, It was about a grade. However, it is hard enough compared with "Red Hot Chicken" which comes with the set. My tongue is irritated.

However, because it can adjust the spiciness up to 4 times with "hot spicy challenge sauce" which comes with one bag per box, it is not safe. The package contains a hotness meter, so that you know the degree of hotness depending on the amount of sauce. When I apply all of this source, it seems to be "a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~!" How frightening it is.

I tried terribly. If it is this amount, it is "slightly overly bilberry" degree. "Spicy challenge sauce" was more acidic than spicy, it became a feeling that a different flavor was added rather than spicy. As the sauce is balanced in taste, it is not just painful so you can eat deliciously. Even if it's all applied, it's about twice as long as "Red Hot Chicken", so "LEE hotness × 30 timesIt may be irritating to the hero who challenges ". Because it was delicious with a feeling of "ripe" irrespective of whether there is a sauce or not, I think that it is good for the introductory section when I want to challenge a little bitter thing. By the way, the editorial staff who is not good at painful things cheered as "red hot chicken" at the time of the red hot chicken and was relieved that he did not eat Habanero boneless.

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