The low rewrite limit is a disadvantage of SSD, life expectancy seems to be 864 years

An SSD of a storage device singing that it is strong against vibration and shock by using a flash memory and eliminating a moving part like a conventional HDD.

Although it is an SSD that has low write tolerance as a single unit compared with HDD, it has low rewrite limit, but it seems that it has unexpectedly found that it is a long life if it is measured with software that predicts the life.

Details are as below.
[Review] Is the lifetime of SSD 864? Try diagnostic software: ITpro

According to ITpro, we measured the 2.5-inch SSD "MOBI 3500" made by Mtron that software to predict the lifetime of SSD got results until December 5, 2872.

The software used is the special software for Mtron SSD "Final Hard Disk Diagnostic 3.0 PRO SSD version (Mtron exclusive)", which predicts the number of times of writing and the frequency of rewriting from the built-in controller chip to predict the rewrite limit, 864 The lifetime of the year was measured as soon as it started to use. Running benchmark software for 4 consecutive days, it seems that life has contracted until October 11, 2013. People who want to continue using the same SSD for an extended period of time or those who do not take backups are difficult, but it may be enough to consider the replacement cycle of personal computers.

SSD now overwhelmingly expensive than HDD. Apart from MtronLong-life SSDs are also increasing, When will it be the popularization price that can be purchased easily?

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