How much performance will fall when writing 2PB (2 million GB) to SSD?

Using a special program on the main six models of SSD to write unusual amount of data and drive it to reoccurrenceDurability comparative experiment,The Tech ReportIt is ongoing rave reviews. We have already buried Intel '335', ​​Corsair 'Neutron GTX', Samsung '840' in the experiment. Samsung "840 Pro" and Kingston "HyperX 3K" that remained until the end have survived the 2PB (2 million GB) mark, and they are still alive. It is amazing to say that it endured the writing of a super-large capacity of 2PB itself, but interesting data on how the performance (speed) of the SSD deteriorates by 2PB writing became clear.

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It was Samsung's who endured the writing of the 1.5PB (1.5 million GB) scale840 Pro(256 GB) and Kingston'sHyperX 3K(240 GB, compression function ON). To overcome most expectations, you can check the state of the previous experiments that these two models survived with suppressing the SSD of Intel and Corsair in the following article.

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◆ Two surviving models
The durability experiment finally reached the writing of 2 PB (2 million GB). The health condition of 2 types of cells exceeding 2PB is like this.

· 840 Pro
This is a graph showing reallocation of bad sectors occurring in 840 Pro up to 2PB. It is clear that bad sectors are generated rapidly from the time of writing 600 TB.

The orange graph represents the amount of spare flash left, and about 40% of the cells are left to avoid failures due to bad sectors at the time of reaching 2 PB, and at this pace it is probably 3 PB It is likely to remain. However, rewriting is carried out to the cell by dispersingWear leveling(Yellow), it seems that it reached almost limit with 500 TB. In addition, unlike the deceased inexpensive model "840", uncorrectable serious error did not occur, soft Magician that checks the health condition of Samsung's SSD still gives a reassuring evaluation of "health" It is said that there is.

· HyperX 3K
This is a graph showing HyperX 3K (dark violet) that kept writing without compression function that had already died and HyperX 3K (red) that kept writing with compression function. In the state with compression function, it is converted to 1.4PB of compressed data for 2PB data writing. However, considering that the uncompressed model died at 700 TB, it seems that there is a factor that lives longer than writing data amount decreases due to compression because it can be died by writing 1.1 PB.

On SMART, the lifespan of SSD (red) is flat at over 10%. It will still be alive on numerical values.

However, it can be confirmed that sector reassignment (purple) and erase failure (brown) have risen at a stretch since 1.2PB. The majority of these errors were recovered by the repair program, but only the two errors are not corrected. Therefore, The Tech Report evaluates that "I am alive, but I should back it up."

◆ 2PB performance change until writing
This is a graph that measures how the speed of SSD's sequential read (4 MB) changes with writing amount. Surprisingly, the surviving 840 Pro (yellow) and HyperX 3K (compression function ON) (red) have not dropped in speed at all.

Sequential light (4 MB) is like this. 840 Pro (Yellow) is somewhat different in speed, but not remarkable speed reduction. For HyperX 3K (compression function ON) (red) you can not see any performance down at all.

Random read (4 KB) or ...

The result of random write (4 KB) is also similar, almost no performance down. 840 Pro and HyperX 3K (Compression function ON) Lazy.

According to The Tech Report, while the write performance of HyperX 3K (compression function ON) is stable from start to finish, 840 Pro is slightly showing signs of poor writing performance. However, it is noteworthy that 840 Pro has not caused serious errors that can not be corrected.

The SSD endurance comparison test is still healthy and ongoing even if 840 Pro and HyperX 3K (compression function ON) break through the 2PB mark. This 2PB rewriting OK number is a calculation that has over 500 years even if we constantly perform large amounts of data rewriting of 10 GB every day, and it is obvious that it has high durability so that there is absolutely no concern for normal use .

The Tech Report is also honest It is unexpected that there is a model to live to this point, but as the two SSDs survive, the harsh endurance test will continue even until that day when either one dies.

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