Which models overwrote the 1.5 million GB wall written in SSD durability experiments?

Continuous durability test of major SSD such as Intel · Corsair · SamsungThe Tech Report, But released the latest experiment results. As a result, 1.5 PB (Petabyte) Has revealed that there is a model realizing a tremendous amount of data rewriting.

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The Tech Report is a leading SSD popular in the market, Intel "335 240 GB", Corsair"Neutron GTX 240 GB", Samsung"840 Pro 256 GB", Samsung"840 250 GB"Kingston"HyperX 3K 240 GB"And select"Anvil's Storage Utilities"By using the benchmark software for SSD to repeat writing / erasing of large capacity data which is unlikely in usual use at high speed, we conducted experiments to test the limit where SSD can read and write data normally . This detailed result can be confirmed in the following article.

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Several months after the start of the experiment, 335 was 700 TB, HyperX 3 K died at 728 TB, 840 died at 900 TB, while 840 Pro and Neutron GTX were also tested with 1 HyperX 3 K 1 PB (1000 TB Clear the criteria of).

Even the Intel 335, which has reached the rewriting life at the earliest, can rewrite 700 TB, which means that even if data rewriting of 10 GB is performed every day, it will be calculated that it will have about 70 thousand days, or about 190 years, so the SSD rewriting lifetime Practically, there is little need to worry.

However, the durability experiment was continued to see how far these three units will survive while ignoring the practicality completely and with a doubt of interest.

Neutron GTX
In the experiment which was continued, the one that broke first was Neutron GTX. Neutron GTX, if the read error rate exceeds the threshold when it exceeds 1.1 PBS.M.A.R.T.He began to warn with, finally breathed out at 1.2 PB.

A more detailed S.M.A.R.T. information graph looks something like this. It seemed that there was still much to life expectancy at the expected life (ocher color), but it was exhausted at 1.2 PB. In the graph, the graph of bad sectors (green) and read error rate (brown) has deteriorated rapidly at 1.1PB, but it can not cope with sudden change of situation, and SMART information can be sufficiently read It was not accurate because it was not there.

That is why the last part left to the end was the 840 Pro and HyperX 3K, from which two one-on-one fights began.

840 Pro
A graph showing reallocation of bad sectors in 840 Pro looks something like this. It is clear that bad sectors are generated rapidly from the time of writing 600 TB.

The orange color of this graph represents the amount of flash left, which shows that at least 60% of the cells are left to avoid failure due to bad sectors even when it exceeds 1.5 PB. However, rewriting is carried out to the cell by dispersingWear leveling(Yellow), it seems that it reached almost limit with 500 TB.

HyperX 3K
As with other models, HyperX 3K was written and tested without data compression and tested with data compression turned on, and the data compressed model survived.

This graph shows HyperX 3K (dark purple color) that has been written without writing the compression function that had already died and HyperX 3K (red color) that kept writing with compression function. In the state with compression function, it is converted to 1.07 PB compressed data for 1.5 PB data writing.

Red is a graph showing the amount of flash left for sector reassignment of HyperX 3K with compression function. After 900 TB, you can see that it shows staggering stickiness.

However, it turned out that it was issuing an unrecoverable error between 900 TB and 1 PB. It is said that it involves the risk of software or worst case crashing the entire system.

The endurance test of the SSD which resulted in the above result is still continuing now and the 840 Pro and HyperX 3K (with compression function) exceeded the written amount of 1.6 PB without death. The cruel test of The Tech Report will continue until the two models are completely out of breath.

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