What is the result of "iPhone 6 Plus" challenging the objective rifle and the thermite?

Case where it turns when put in a pocketReported one after another, Apple's durability question mark appearedIPhone 6 Plus"Is a 50-caliber objective rifleBarrett M82"When igniting it produces liquefied metal at about 3000 ℃"ThermiteI challenged the match.Android smartphoneYaIPod accepts bulletsAlthough I saved the life of the user, I can confirm the result of the fierce battle from the following as to how iPhone 6 Plus is fulfilled.

IPhone 6 Plus vs 50 Cal - YouTube

This is the iPhone 6 Plus.

It is Barrett M82A1 that fires the iPhone 6 Plus.

Will Barrett M82A1's 50 caliber break through the strong body of the iPhone 6 Plus?

Place the iPhone 6 Plus on the table ......

Mercilessly firing with aiming.

The bullets that jumped out of the muzzle are in line with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Impressively landing on the bottom of the iPhone 6 Plus ......

White smoke rose from iPhone 6 Plus.

IPhone 6 Plus blown away.

IPhone 6 Plus disappeared from the top of the table.

Collecting the scattered debris ... ...

There are painful traces that the bullet punctured the iPhone 6 Plus brilliantly. Victory of Barrett M82A1.

A muffler experiment was also conducted in which the bullet M82A1 alone was not sufficient enough to put a fire on a thermite which is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder and the produced ultra high temperature iron and aluminum oxide liquid was applied to the iPhone 6 Plus It was.

IPhone 6 Plus Vs Thermite - YouTube

The iPhone 6 Plus next to relate is a thermite placed on a brick. The iPhone 6 Plus is placed on an iron plate sandwiched between stacked bricks so that metal generated from the thermite can easily be applied.

Ignite the thermite.

A thermite that scatters a fierce spark.

After about a few seconds, the melted metal starts to fall off the top of the iPhone.

An iPhone 6 Plus flashing in a flash.

It is still burning, but the experiment is over.

The iPhone 6 Plus after the experiment has completely melted and peeled off the display.

Following the match against Barrett M82A1, the iPhone 6 Plus is defeated. Rather than winning from the start.

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