SanDisk announces inexpensive SSD which realized overwhelming high speed and long life, can also be used on old PC

SanDisk in GIGAZINE before"ExtremeFFS" new technology that increases the writing speed of SSD up to 100 times and prolongs the life spanWe announced that the SSD "C25-G3" which actually adopted "ExtremeFFS" was officially announced.

Besides boasting overwhelmingly high performance compared with HDD, it can be used after being replaced with HDD even with an old PC.

Details are as follows.
SanDisk R C25 - G3 Solid State Drive - SanDisk SSD

According to this release, SanDisk is to release a new 2.5-inch SSD called "C25-G3".

"C25 - G3" is a model adopting SSD 's high - speed and long - life SSD technology developed by SanDisk "ExtremeFFS", which is a model that can read up to 200 MB per second which is about 5 times the HDD of the 7200 revolution model and up to 140 MB It is said that it realizes the write speed of. There are three models of 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB of recording capacity.

Moreover, despite being an MLC type which is generally said to have a short life expectancy, long life has been realized, and the average failure time is set to be six times or more the HDD, and in the case of the 240 GB model, It is said to be able to withstand the writing of 160 TB which is equivalent to the amount of data written when the user uses for 100 years.

And since SanDisk is ideal for "C25 - G3" at total cost of ownership including failure etc, including that it has 40 times more impact resistance than HDD because there is no moving parts.

Since "C25 - G3" includes P - ATA model as well as S - ATA model, performance seems to be improved simply by replacing with old HDD even with HDD. This is wonderful ....

I'm looking forward to the appearance of a notebook computer that actually carries the "C25 - G3", but will it be released again from Toshiba etc. in a partnership relationship in the manufacture of flash memory? It is worrisome.

By the way, according to the link below, the 60 GB model is $ 149 (about 13,600 yen), the 120 GB model is $ 249 (about 21 2700 yen), the 240 GB model is $ 499 (about 44,500 yen ) It will be released around the summer.

Sandisk unveils new, faster, bigger laptop SSDs - Engadget

High reliability is realized and Intel's high-speed model is available as of 11:50 on January 9, 2009,It is less than 60,000 yen at 32GBConsidering it, is not it quite affordable?

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