Laptop computer "dynabook SS RX 2 / WAJ" with the world's first 512 GB SSD appeared, start direct sales from today

According to Toshiba 's announcement, Toshiba' s direct sales site "dynabook SS RX 2 / WAJ" mobile notebook computer with the world 's first large 512 GB SSDToshiba Direct PC by Shop 1048"It will start selling today from today.

The loaded SSD has a Toshiba developed one that adopts multivalued NAND (MLC) capable of storing 2 bits of data per element, and furthermore it is possible to make M multivalued NAND operate at high speed and parallel With a newly developed controller that can compare with the SSD mounted on the conventional model, it seems that it enables high-speed data access of 230 MB / sec corresponding to about 2.3 times reading speed and about 4.5 times at writing speed of 180 MB / sec .

Furthermore, compared with 2.5 inch HDD (250 GB, 5400 rpm), it achieves about 3 times reading speed and about 2.5 times writing speed, and additionally has no mechanical structure such as high speed rotating disk, It seems that it is strong in sex and shock resistance, and it is strengthening robustness as a mobile notebook PC that you use and always carry.

Detailed specifications are from the following.
Toshiba: News Release (2009 - 05 - 14): The world's first release of "dynabook SS RX 2 / WAJ" with 512 GB SSD

There are two models of this "dynabook SS RX 2 / WAJ" specification table

By the way, this is the actual SSD module

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