I made a chilled Chinese chilled "chilly lady" that can be made simply by putting it on tofu

As it got hot already soon, I thought that I would like to eat cold dishes and I was shopping at a convenience store and I found something that says "Chill Masho (Hayashima-ko)". What is this? So, I bought it immediately and made it. It seemed easy for me to make it somehow, how?

The state of cooking is as follows.
Tentatively investigated, it seems that it is sold in March 2008 as a product of Nagatani.

Chinese style chill chill chilled linen - Nagaya Garden | Product information

It can be done simply by putting it on tofu, it is the cold tofu which is perfect for summer.
I added ground minced chicken, red peppers to a spicy sauce source.
With 1 bag, you can prepare a side dish suitable for side dishes (1 pack for mini pack tofu).

It just seems easy to put on tofu, so it seems quite easy.

The whole package looks like this

Calorie as a whole like this. One bag weighs 74 kcal.

Name "Masanobu Tofu's source"

The way to make it is very simple, just put it on tofu.

So, we opened the box, the bag appeared. There are two bags.

And prepare one tofu. Because it is half a bag, we will consume 2 bags this time.

Cut tofu and ......

Serve up ...

Just calling.


Let us eat

The actual taste is pretty tasty. It is somewhat different from regular Mabo Tofu, the bitterness is suppressed, and the sourness is somewhat strengthened feeling. It is not too hot now, but it is probably a kind of taste that you should feel fine when you eat it when you become the real summer summer. It is easier to make than anything else than that, so self-cooking is troublesome, but maybe I'd like to try making something in the meantime .... For beginners who are self-serving, it's a pretty perfect dish. Although I just applied it simply this time, I have a feeling that it seems to be delicious even if I scatter onions.

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