Just by inserting tofu and chin, real serious "Sundubu Tige" "Tofu Hamburger Japanese style soup stock" is completed Completed Kikkoman's freshly made My Deli and tried it

By preparing only one kind of material such as tofu and egg,Chop of mushroomsIt's easy to complete full-fledged side dishes such as eggplant meat and miso sauce by Kikkoman Freshly made "Freshly created My Deli"series. BeforeChop of mushroomsIn addition, this time we challenged "Sundubu Tige"When"Japanese-style soup of tofu hamburger steakI made it and tried it.

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The necessary ingredients can be made with "Tofu Hamburger Japanese style apple" with half cotton tofu, "sundubu chige" with silk tofu half dumplings, really with tofu.

First of all, I will make it from "Sundubu Tige". Sundubu Tige is a kind of Korean tofuSundubuUsedTigeThing. When you open the box, only some of the ingredients are contained in it.

The way to make it is very easy, put the tofu in a bite size, put it in a box, just heat it from above and heat it with a microwave oven.

Raw materials and nutrition ingredient display is like this. The calorie is 163 kcal, even though it includes half silk tofu, it is rather modest.

I will put silk tofu in a box and make it a bite.

I put them all.

Next, I will put the item from the top above.

Close the lid and put it in a microwave oven and heat it for about 3 minutes and a half at 600 W to complete.

When opening the box, a hot "Sundubu Tige" is finished.

When eating, the soup is quite spicy with the rich flavor of the fish and shellfish. It looks like Mabo tofu, but soup has no thickening. It is very easy to make it, but the taste is authentic, so it is highly recommended for people who like spicy foods.

Next, I will make "Tofu Hamburger's Japanese Sack Sack". It is a very worrisome how tofu will become a hamburg.

The way to make this is to mix cotton tofu and tofu hamburger sauce in a box. Shake the shape of tofu, bake the powder, apply the sauce, and heat for 6 minutes in a 500 W microwave oven, then add Japanese style bean and it will be completed. It takes more effort than "Sundubu Tige", but this one is also overwhelmingly easier than making tofu hamburger from 1, and it's pretty good that only the forks used for washing make minced tofu.

This is raw material and nutrition component display. The calorie is a total of 265 kcal of cotton tofu half.

Three of "boxes of hamburger steak" and "baked powdery sauce sauce", "Japanese style anan" are contained in the box.

First, put cotton tofu into a box.

Add tofu hamburger steak in this.

Then mix with a fork.

If you make minced tofu, prepare the shape, burn the powder and dip the surface of soy sauce.

Keep the lid open, put it in the microwave oven, heat at 500 W for about 6 minutes, at 600 W for about 4 minutes 30 seconds heating.

Tofu after heating is here. The color of the powder sprinkled on the surface has changed from white to candy.

Finally it is completed by warming Japanese style soup. Because we use tofu, the texture is soft, Japanese style seasoning matches tofu. It is interesting that when you make minced tofu, the texture changes depending on whether you make it finer or rough.

"Tofu hamburger's Japanese style sauce" and "sundubu chige" which can enjoy authentic taste with simple work are on sale for 210 yen including tax. When making, please note that half cotton bean curd is required for "cotton tofu" for tofu hamburger sauce and "sundubutige" for each.

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