Misudo's drinking tea was finished in earnest "Tianjin noodle of fluffy egg", "Shrimp ankake vegetable noodle" "Rich flavored chicken soba" "Maiwa eggplant rice" We have been eating four kinds of autumn / winter limited menu

As Mr. Donut's Dim Sum as a Fall / Winter menuTianjin noodle with fluffy egg"Shrimp Sauce Vegetable Noodle"Rich flavor chicken soba"Mabu eggplant rice cooked rice"Has appeared on Friday, September 23, 2016. Chinese chef who brought Sichuan food for the first time in JapanChen JianHe is the eldest sonKenichi ChenHe said that he was supervised, and I have checked how much full-fledged dumplings can be eaten at the donut shop.

True Chinese Fall / Winter menu supervised by Chen Ken-ichi | New Items | Mister Donuts

Arrived at Mr. Donut.

We ordered four autumn / winter menus at once. After about 5 minutes "Mabo eggplant rice dish" (518 yen including tax) was delivered.

To the walls of thick walls ......

Plenty of rice cooked with spicy aromas of appetite.

When trying to eat it is juicy tangled up firmly.

Due to the use of Sichuan peashell sauce called "Piechen bean board sauce", it is like a full-fledged Chinese restaurant, and it can be said that it is a different taste from wax like a retort etc. I understand. Although it is spicy, it is too hot to eat, but rice is insufficiently advanced even though it is poor.

Next is "Tianjin noodle with fluffy egg" (486 yen including tax).

Fluffy eggs cover the top of the soup.

Even if you lift the noodles, the eggs get caught in roughly. The soup is easy to salty and the egg part is finished with chicken-flavored salt sauce. Fluffy eggs are sesame oil, and bamboo shoots which are felt in a crisp texture occasionally occasionally became a good accent.

It is a ramen for fall and winter which will become "Hott" when you squeeze soup and egg only with astragalus and drink it.

Then "Shrimp Sauce vegetable noodles" (486 yen including tax).

Ingredients include shrimp, kikura, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots and Komatsuna.

I thought whether I changed the ingredients with the same soup as fluffing egg Tianjin noodles, but the taste system is finished much better though it is similar.

The shrimp with plump texture was plenty of flavor and the vegetables were stained with salt soup.

The last is "thick flavored chicken soba" (486 yen including tax).

Shredded chicken and komatsuna are on display as ingredients.

First of all I try to eat it from noodles, the base salty soup is the same as the shrimp sesame vegetable noodles, and the soup which feels the chicken taste abundantly is entwined well with the noodles. However, unlike pretty snacky prawn-grown vegetable noodles, mildness and richness are strong, and the taste of chickens remains in the mouth even after eating.

Komatsuna was a little bit tired, but chicken has a moderate elasticity, chewing and juicy. Although it is not "heavy", it can enjoy a rich flavor.

Both are just right to eat lightly, so if you eat rice noodles with Maiko eggplant rice, it seems to be a perfect volume for dinner. In the autumn / winter menu of dumpling, noodles are included at 486 yen including tax, only Mabo eggplant rice is included, including tax 518 yen.

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