Jason appears in the streets on Friday night, armed police officers and helicopters go out

In a town north of Oxfordshire Bister, a horror film "Friday the 13thA man with a Jason-like chain saw and a hockey mask appearing in "It is said that an armed police officer and a helicopter were issued. The man was on his way to a costume party, but the engine of the chain saw was not on, he said that the mask was wearing on his head without covering his face.

Even though I know it is not Jason, it seems quite dangerous if I have a chain saw.

Details are as below.BBC NEWS England Oxfordshire Jason lookalike criticises police

Kevin Oakes, a 20-year-old real estate manager, attended a fancy party with his friends on Friday evening, wearing broken jeans and a white shirt with fake blood glue, hockey mask and chainsaw He said that he went out with him. However, he seems to have informed the person who saw him to send a helicopter with an armed police officer.

"When I found a helicopter, I was thinking that I was having a good laugh at seeing myself, then suddenly an armed policeman appeared and began to shout so loudly as to take down the weapon. All the policemen are excited He was intimidating - a totally rude story, the surrounding children were laughing at them, "Oakes said.

Thames Valley police, who got informed, said, "A helicopter is suitable for this situation, because you can track suspicious people faster and be able to determine how dangerous it is before you place a police officer As soon as the policeman got in touch, I noticed that Mr. Oakes was not taking dangerous action this time, as Mr. Oakes was only talking about the reactions that people raised, so that costumes and chainsaws I requested to hide it. "

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