A young man caught in a Dutch wife and made a river descent, rescued by drowning


Two young people who were going down river in Victoria, Australia were rescued.

They were floating in the river instead of the floating rings by the Dutch wife, and they were in a miserable situation that the Dutch wife was flowed in the muddy stream and it was drowned at once, but in the meaningless and reckless play of the youngster The police and ambulance team were totally abandoned.

Details of Dutch wifef descending are as follows.Floods Victoria | Yarra River River rescue as sex toy bucks rider

Local time At around 16:30 on January 16, a 19-year-old male and female girl dropping down using a doll that imitated a woman who inflated with inflating the air, that is, Dutch wife, near the tunnel just around the corner It seems that Dutch wife which the woman had had left his hand, and it was drunk by muddy flow.

She was fortunately trapped in a tree that was floating near and called for help, and the man was caught in Dutch wife, floating near her. Passers who also passed luckily told the police, and those who were on the kayak lent their life jackets to them, they were able to get out of danger.

Police and ambulance personnel who arrived at the scene rescued them but now a wide area of ​​eastern Australia has been flooded,There is an emergency that at least 50 people are rescued only in the vicinity of VictoriaA policeman who says, "You can not forgive this foolish behavior by laughing," comments.

"Rescue workers really think that young people are really worried about making such a noise when there are a lot of people needing rescue," the police official said.

Two rescued young people received a physical examination by emergency personnel, but it was judged that treatment at hospital is unnecessary. It was said that no one knew the poetful Dutch wife who was used for anything other than real use, after all, after all.

Despite the recklessness of going down the river in the middle of the flood, I can not imagine why I used Dutch wife instead of a safe alternative to a floating wheel ....

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