Microsoft, Asia cuts Xbox 360 by up to 20%

It seems that Microsoft will lower the selling price of Xbox 360 in Asia against rival Nintendo and Sony.

The rate of price reduction varies from country to country, and it is said that the price will drop to nearly 20%.

Details are as below.
Microsoft cuts Xbox 360 prices in Asia | Tech news blog - CNET

According to this article, Microsoft is said to drop the 20 GB model of Xbox 360 17% in Taiwan, 10.7% in Hong Kong, 5% in Korea.

And in Singapore with the biggest drop in price, we will lower the 20 GB model by 19.5%, then down 12.5% ​​for 120 GB model "Xbox 360 Elite" and 13% for "Xbox 360 Arcade" without HDD. By the way, while Xbox 360 was drastically cut, Sony has raised the price of PS3 in Singapore to $ 394 (about 41,000 yen).

According to Microsoft, this price cut seems to be "a part of strategy", but is there a price cut in Japan ...?

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