The man who went to the cemetery looking for an abandoned dog, who found it was a naked sunbathing man

In the state of Georgia in America, it seems that there was a person who went searching in the church cemetery receiving a contact of a dumping dog found a man and woman sunbathing naked.

If life and death are close, it is no wonder that it is a figure that was born in the cemetery ... ... but why were they bothering out sunbathing all the way?

Details are as below.
Nude sunbathers surprise officer 071109 - The Augusta Chronicle

Columbia County Couple Receives Warning For Nude Sunbathing In Church Cemetery WJBF

Colombia County Animal Protection Administration Bureau, who received contact from a church in Uplining that there is a dog abandoned in the premises, dispatched Russell Swann, a staff member. Swann first explored the front of the church and then went around behind the building, but he seems to have found a man and a woman standing naked in the corner of the cemetery.

A church graveyard Mr. Swann visited.

Swann who is the discoverer.

As Swann approached the two naked, I could also find a dog sitting next to them. Two people who noticed Swann seemed to start dressing immediately, but Swann contacted the administration office and called the police. In addition, Ms. Swann moved his car behind the two cars that were sunbathing so that they could not escape until the policeman came.

After that, the policemen who arrived gave warnings to the two and released them as they were. Swann who is working at the Animal Protection Management Bureau for three years, it seems like this time for the first time, "I was a little surprised, it was a dog that I was planning to find in the cemetery" I am talking.

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