Kirin and Suntory integrate management, the world's largest manufacturer is born

Known for "lager beer" and green tea drink "raw tea"Giraffe, Known for "Mortz" and green tea beverage "Iemon"SuntoryIt is clear that the two major manufacturers of the company intend to merge management.

If realized it seems to be the world's largest manufacturer with both name and reality.

Details are as below.
Kirin and Suntory negotiate with holding company integration to manage management | NIKKEI NET

According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun news report, it is said that Kirin Holdings, the biggest manufacturer in the beer and soft drinks field, and Suntory Holdings, the second largest maker in the soft drinks field, are in the process of negotiating business integration.

This aims to jointly cultivate overseas markets that are expected to grow with strengthening the earnings base of the domestic market and aim to survive globally, by promoting final adjustment focusing on integrating the holding companies of both companies It is said that it is aiming for an agreement within the year. If this integration is realized, it will emerge as domestic leader in both beer and soft drinks field, and it is said that it will become one of the largest alcohol and beverage makers in the world.

According to the report by Sankei Shimbun, the consolidated net sales for both companies in the fiscal year ending December 2008 are expected to reach approximately 3.8 trillion yen.

Kirin and Suntory Integrate to the world's largest alcoholic beverages - MSN Sankei News

As a result of the merger of game software maker Tecmo and Koei,A new game will be released that coalesces Koei and Tecmo's titlesAlthough it is clarified, if Kirin and Suntory integrate management, is there a possibility that collaborated products will appear? The next report is about to be awaited.

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