"Someone is peeping from the window", Windframe art of horror to those who do not know

"Window" which understands only the appearance of the other side while separating sound etc. is often used as a tool for making horror movies feel fear, but arranges the photos in the window and directs fear in the street There seems to be some art that is. Because the information is narrowed down by the window, it seems to be surprised by its realness when looking without knowing it.

Details are as below.
Preview: 2009 Dark Doings - a set on Flickr

A doll-like face is floating in the window.

A woman staring at this stare.

A person tied to the window.

People who look like suffering.

Is this a dog?

Someone upside down.

Wire mesh gives a strict atmosphere.

It is Mr. danwitz who is publishing these photos. People who do not know from the following link have come to be able to see various pictures that are likely to be reported.

Flickr: danwitz's Photostream

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