Do you still have a dream cast?

Sega's last home game machine released in Japan in 1998 and celebrating its 10th anniversary this year "DreamcastAlthough it is still, it seems that a campaign that expresses gratitude will be performed for users who still have a dream cast.

AlreadyLast weekend's September 28th I finished payment repairin spite ofNew software will be released over this periodAnd the place where the light of the dream cast does not seem to disappear is quite funny.

Details are as below.
Welcome to the Sega Dreamcast Network / Welcome to the network of Sega Dreamcast!

According to this page, Sega commemorates the 10th anniversary of Dream Cast, to the Dreamcast user "Any character @ user.dreamcast.comIt is said that a campaign will be issued issuing the e-mail address. The serial number of the Dreamcast main body is necessary to obtain the mail address.

In addition, because access is flooded, it is not possible to access the campaign page at the moment, but for users who love dream casting, it is impossible to wait for service restart.

· 14:20 postscript
According to this article, The domain of the above page ""Is a domain that Sega used to own, and now it is not operated by Sega. It seems confusing but apparently requires attention.

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