From the dragon women and Yasha to the foxes, China's coolest fantasy series youkai painting

Works depicting twelve kinds of things especially famous for Chinese myths, legendary existence, youkai etc. can be viewed on the net. None of this is quite powerful, it is creating an atmosphere that seems to be appearing in RPG of fantasy type etc.

Details are as below.
China Famous Twelve Fairies

China Twelve Fairies

"Inferno (oyster)"It is said that there is power of amulet, which is called a motif of this. It is rare that it has been extremely anthropomorphized so far and has been beautified.

this isBeef foreheadPerson who is "Mato head" out of. Both of them are regarded as messengers who deprive the soul of the soil in China.

As its name suggests, "Yasha". It is related to water, so it has become such an image, it is said to eat the devil.

This is "foxes" (a fox which passed the year became a figure of a fantasy with rows). When looking closely, the moon has come out properly in the background, and it is considered mysterious though it is sexy and crafty.

"Jinto", something with virtue. details unknown.

The messenger of the netherworld where the soul of those who commit suicide has changed. Undefeated demon.

Beef forehead"Beef head" person out of. It is a role to catch the sinner who escapes from the other world.

"Judge", in Japan "Enma". Fair judgment is given to the ghost that came to the cliff.

A dragon lady. It is the daughter of Luo Dragon King, the intelligence and cleverness are considerable. At the age of 8, he accidentally listened to the Bodhisattva, advocated the Lotus Sutra in Ryugu castle, and he said he accomplished the way of Buddha while being a dragon.

"Inmate", the emperor of the Chinese myth "Yellow EmperorAlthough it fought and was buried with the head cut off, it was revived, it tried to decide Yellow Emperor and even sex with wielding nipple, eye of navel, swinging shield and big ax, the most resistant spirit It seems to have been equipped with.

"Jiro" ... Who? If I think, "Mr. Atsushi Jiro (Kenzi Seijiro Shinkin)That thing. It has also appeared in "Journey to the West" and "Sekkenjinkei", Buddhist.

Who the hell is the last "Shichiro"? It will be said that, apparently, "Norihiro YubakoIt seems that ... ....

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