Open source high-performance drum machine available for free "Hydrogen"

Drum machineIn short, it is a generic term for electronic musical instruments that let you play drum parts automatically. There are various things even with free software, but among this "Hydrogen"It is developed as open source, and it can operate on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. It corresponds to each format of ".wav" ". Au" ". Aiff" as a sample of sound, and compression by FLAC format is also possible. There is no limit on the number of patterns, multi layer support. The created song can be output in WAVE format or MIDI format.

Details are as below.
Hydrogen - advanced drum machine for GNU / Linux

Song editor part

Pattern editor

Main mixer view

Download from below.

Hydrogen - advanced drum machine for GNU / Linux

You can download and listen to demos about what songs can be created from the following. It seems that the top Delicious has disappeared somewhere ... ....


As the song is OGG format, you need the following players.

Window Forever - Winamp
Window Forever - Winamp Japaneseization Kit
Window Forever - KbMedia Player
Window Forever - MediaMonkey

It feels nice.

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