Flash fully compose "tiny drum machine"

Version 1 through version 5 have been released, and it makes it easy to create patterns like drum patterns and songs like that. The created pattern can be copied and saved. If it is a little BGM level it feels like it will be possible to create it immediately.

Access is from the following.
Play the tiny drum machine! - Pixel fonts

This is the latest version 5.

By pressing the R key it will be automatically composed in this way. You can save it by copying the pattern of numbers. In order to reproduce it on the next access, paste this code and press the Enter key.

Also, the tempo will be faster if you slide the block marked "bpm" to the left and slowly to the right.

This is version 4, you can add a sound by clicking on the square. Although it is not fully automatic, the basic is the same.

This is version 3, also automatically generated with R key, cleared with C key.

This is version 2, the sound is percussion type of the drum. A method of deciding the sound to be clicked by oneself.

And this is the first version 1. It feels like sequencer software.

So, is not it convenient to make something simple BGM? It is perfect if it can output the created sound in WAVE format or MP3 format ... ....

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