What is the music file format "Stems" that can store 4 tracks in one file?

German software / hardware vendor 'Native Instruments' creates its own music file format'Stems"Has been released. Stems is a special file format that can contain up to 4 tracks in one file at most.

Stems | Specials

New backward-compatible audio file format can split songs into four tracks | The Verge

The following page allows you to easily experience the Stems file. "DRUMS (drum)" "BASS (base)" "SYNTHS (synth)" "VOX (vocal)" displayed on the screen "Stems parts"Is a piece of a piece of music that is decomposed. By pressing the play button, you can turn on / off the "MUTE" and "SOLO" buttons to change the atmosphere of the song.

German Brigante, Thomas Gandey - And Forever Feat. Thomas Gandey (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music] :: Beatport Pro

In this way, Stems is a file format that enables you to freely change the volume balance of a certain song and the choice of an instrument. The merit of including multiple tracks in one file is the ease of file management as well as the ease of file management when doing DJ play. In the following movie, you can see how you play the Stems sound source with its own equipment.

Stems - a new way to play - YouTube

DJ to play with special equipment. There are two players on hand.

The waveform of the track is displayed on the display, and it is easy to grasp the play point.

Manipulate knobs and pads DJ. The equipment used for playing is Native Instruments' Stems compatible DJ controllerTraktor Kontrol D 2And two ALLEN & amp; HEATH analog DJ mixersXONE: 92It is seen.

The track gradually rises and the waveform of the display that displays the four tracks also gains violence.

In Traktor Kontrol D 2, it is possible to change the color of the pad and make sure play.

It also applies effects to tracks using faders and knobs. Stems can independently control instruments such as "drum" "bass" "synth" "vocal" stored in the file, so for example, live the effects such as "delay by delaying only vocal" It is a big merit to be able to operate.

Experience the ending with full use of the effect and finish playing. In this way, it is a Stems file that has a lot of merits mainly at the site of DJ play.

◆ Stems file technology
The Stems file is a new file format that stores 4 tracks, but the technology actually used is based on the existing MP4 file format.MP4 stores multiple tracks simultaneouslyIt is possible to do, and in the actual Stems file "Stem track"In addition to the track of a single instrument called, the original stereo master track is also stored as a" fifth "stem.

actuallyNative Instruments siteIf you check the sample file downloaded from, you can see that the extension of the file is ".stem.mp4".

Actually trying around the track, you can catch a glimpse of that merit. Especially, many people who are familiar with band activitiesMTRIt can be said that it is very similar to the feeling of mixing songs recorded with "MULTI TRACK RECORDER". Because the data of each track is saved in MP3 format, it is a shame to say that it is a shame to forcibly compromise the sound quality somewhat.

As described above, in the conventional so-called2 MixStems format that seems to be more flexible and more flexible than you played with a sound source that became a tool that can further expand the range of expression of DJ play.

In the summer of 2015, software scheduled to release its own stems track will be released. By registering at the following site you can receive contact at the time of release.

Stem Creator Tool - free download

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