Vitamin drink entered into a paper pack "Gokubita C" tasting review

Carbonless carbonate of lactic acid bacteria beverageI bought it because the vitamin drink "Gokubita C" which entered into the paper pack was released for a limited time from Nissin Yoko which also sells the Kiwamono like. This gokubita C had been released for a limited time in the past, but seems to be resurrected even though it is popular.

Details are as below.Nissin Yoke Co., Ltd. | Product Lineup ~ Soft drinks ~

It seems that you can spark as maca is in it.

Orange · Pine · Mansan · Mandarin orangeser entering.

Characters to the bottom of the pack. "I charged as I will not lose"

When I try to open the pack, "I will restart". It seems possible to get better just with this character.

The inside is a yellow liquid like a vitamin drink. The first selling gokubita C was a milk drink, but it was just a soft drink.

The taste feels like fruit juice which resembles the taste of vitamin drink. Pine and honey have a strong flavor, refreshing and a thirsty drink. It seems a bit subtle when I expect the taste of nutritional drinks, but the taste itself is tasty and it seems to be hot even if I drink it. Because it was a name like Pacli commodity, it might seem like a good feeling because I was a little wary, but there seems to be only resurrection.

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