"Two texture of soda jelly grape & mango" can enjoy a jelly texture and refreshing feeling of carbonic acid at the same time

Daido Drinko starts a carbonated drink containing nata de coco and jelly from Wednesday, February 25 "Two texture of soda jellyWe sell grape taste and mango taste. I tried drinking because it was finished in a dessert sense drink that also satisfied hunger.

Carbonated juice and nata de coco "shake and enjoy" carbonated beverage appeared! "Two texture of soda jelly grape" ~ Delicious texture of grape jelly and nata de coco ~ "Two texture of soda jelly mango" ~ Delicious texture of mango jelly and nata de coco ~

Two texture of soda jelly is grape purple, mango is orange pop design.

The size of the can is 280 ml, it is about the size that fits snugly into the hand.

Two texture Soda jelly Grape is a purple color which imaged grapes.

There is nata de coco, it is fruit juice.

You can also check Nata de Coco for raw materials.

The calorie is 67 kcal per 100 g, about 188 kcal when drinking one.

It is written to chill about 10 times before drinking.

So I will shake a chilled drink.

Shake it and change it to a glass to check its contents.

The contents of the drink are pretty drool and it is muddy purple.

As you approach, you can see parts like jelly and bubbles of carbonate.

When you drink it, you can taste the soft texture of jelly and the stimulation of carbonate together, a new feeling that has never existed before. Because there is also Nata de Coco, chewing moisture overflows, I get impression quite different from the existing drink. Because I had quite a lot of jelly in relation to the amount of drinks, I got a pretty impressed stomach.

Mango is an orange package.

Mango is not particularly contained in raw materials, you can check Nata de coco.

Since calories are 49 kcal per 100 ml, it is about 137 kcal per one, so calorie discreetly than grape taste.

Pouring it looks like an orange juice, but a mangoish scent spreads.

It looks like it contains ice in an orange drink, but it is jelly in it.

Because it is sweet and fruitless, it is a drink that has a sweet taste of mangoish to the last, but mango-likeness was reproduced well without fruit juice. There is jelly and nata de coco in it, although there is a drink, there is a sense of "to eat", but as a canned drink there is a feeling that my stomach will swell despite a small 280 ml.

The price of "two texture soda jelly grape" and "two texture soda jelly mango" is 115 yen for each tax.

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