Awesome images that won the round 3 of the Photoshop contest 2007

""The Crestock Photoshop Contest 2007" is held on the site dealing with the stock image. Participation is free, and excellent works include luxury prizes including Apple's Mac Pro. It is the place where 3 rounds out of the 4 rounds have ended, but as expected it is only the high level images.

The image is from the following.
This is the work named "X i o l i t a" that became the top in round three. Mr. sideshowsito who made it seems to get MacBook Pro as a prize.

"My Tiny Cottage" by Janitor

"The Power of Dreams" by Donjuki

"The Ark by" enjin

"Garden" by Hubiiipl

"Old McDonald's Burger Farm" by SkullMachineDotCom

"Imaginary" by Trinitee

"Escapee" by Spizak

"Palindromic" by Ishbu

"Shinigami" by 2much

Words are sharper than blades. "Words are sharper than blades ..." by Amirali

Other images are from the following.

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