Asahi "Fiber 10,000 Plus Vitamin" tasting review

I used to drink "Superfiber 10,000"Fiber 10,000 series new product" Fiber 10,000 plus vitamin "was on sale, so I bought it at a convenience store and tried drinking it. Super fiber 10,000 was a delicious carbonated drink, but this time the taste was more like a nutritional drink.

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Asahi Beverage | Product Information | Asahi Fiber 10,000

Vitamin C and vitamin E are added to fiber 10,000.

The energy is 0 kcal.

Asahi Mark.

It is a cap that can be twisted normally, but a design like a bottle that can be opened by hooking a finger.

The color is yellow like orange juice.

The taste seems to add a bit of orange to the subtle flavor common to the fiber 10,000 series. There is a feeling like a slight diluted nutrition drink, it is like a medicine containing carbonic acid. It is not bad taste when you get accustomed, but is there a fan attached to new products going out?

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