"NES 2 FOMA" that converts NES software to i-appli for FOMA

Service that converts Nintendo's Nintendo game software to NTT docomo's i-appliNES2 FOMA"is.

Using this service, Suguremono that you will be able to play Famicom software etc that you used to like on NTT DoCoMo's FOMA terminal. Some movies are actually working.

Details are as follows.
NES 2 FOMA | Convert ROM file to i-appli | Crazy Works Inc.

According to this page, uploading the ROM file of hand-held Famicom software will convert it to i-αppli for NTT Docomo's FOMA. After converting, you can download using the specified URL or QR code.

Also, the recommended model is the 902i or 702i series or later, and in the case of P901i or N901i, it is said to operate at the speed like the following movie. Unfortunately there is no sound coming out.
YouTube - NES 2 FOMA

By the way, according to CrazyWorks Co., Ltd. which carries out this service, it is said that if you inform the third party of the converted QR code or URL, there is a danger of violating national copyright laws including Japan, and illegal I warned about Uploading ROM file as follows.

There are obviously people uploading illegal ROM. Stop it (Ha Oth)

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