SOFTBANK MOBILE opens official website that summarizes iPhone 3G details

At last it will be a week after Apple's "IPhone 3GBut SOFTBANK MOBILE opened the official website.

It is summarized about the price plan and option service, and it seems to be a reference for iPhone purchase.

Details are as follows.
IPhone 3G | SoftBank

This official site includes optional services such as "White Plan (i)" and "Packet fixed price" such as usage fee or discount service at the time of application of "iPhone 3G", optional service such as answering machine and guarantee, iPhone only For mail address ([email protected]) and original features, prices for overseas use etc. are posted.

By the way, it is about reservation of iPhone 3G which is worrisome, but "For inquiries about iPhone 3G handling, please contact each shop". In other words, it depends on the shop.

Furthermore, according to the announcement from SOFTBANK MOBILE on July 2, it seems that the communication fee will be charged even for the white plan even though the mail address "[email protected]" dedicated to iPhone is between them. There is no problem because the iPhone is required for packet flat rate plans, but it seems that attention is needed on the part of exchanging mail with the iPhone.

Notice from SoftBank | SoftBank

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