There are no more "confusing fliers" of mass-market electronics retailers

"When I thought that the PC was cheap, it was the price at the time of joining the provider at the same time." "There is a diagonal line in the price and it is written as" discount ", but I do not know the actual price." "Point reduction is hard to understand Although it is a leaflet of consumer electronics mass merchandisers with many confusing things, it seems that it will finally become easy to understand.

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)Home Appliances Komori Cooperative News Vol.96

According to this page, "Consumer electronics makers and consumer electronics mass merchandisers are made up of"National Household Electric Products Fair Trade CouncilAt the consumer social gathering held by the consumer, consumers said that the following remarks were received about home-electronics mass merchandisers' flyers.

· "I will make it cheaper than other stores" is displayed, but the condition for actually making it cheap is unknown, I have been kept waiting for one hour.
· When purchasing a PC, please display not only the price after discount when joining a specific provider but also the price when you do not join.
· At the shop, I see a display such as "This product is selling" "Recommended No.1" etc, but it is difficult to understand why it is really selling or for why it is recommended.
· Many dealers conduct point rewards, but the structure of each company varies, which makes it difficult for consumers to see which dealership points are obtained.
· Since there was a "service item" in the leaflet, items were queued before the opening of the sale on the first day but no items were placed. Looking closely at the leaflet, it was written in small letters that there are "stores not handled". If there is a shop that does not handle it, please display it a little larger.

In response to such an opinion, the consumer electronics retailer side said, "The debate on revision of the retail trade marking convention is taking time to consolidate opinions, but in order to make it easier for consumers to understand flyers and storefront indications I want to realize the amendment. "

And according to the report of the following Nihon Keizai Shimbun, from September it is said that flyers shaded with prices will be refrained from self-control. In addition, it is said that penalties will be imposed if it violates the self-control provision.

Flyer shaded price priced, self refuse in September Home electronics mass retailer

Will it become possible to see the leaf with confidence in this ...?

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