Now the right to purchase "Majikon" will be auctioned

In response to the Tokyo District Court 's orders to suspend sales and inventory disposal of equipment called' Majikon 'which will allow you to play copy software downloaded with Nintendo DS based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Law,Yahoo! The auction prohibited the auction of marqueeWe talked at GIGAZINE yesterday, but this time it is not the main part of the marque, "Right to purchase magiconeIt is clear that it is exhibited.

Details are as follows.
Industry's largestYahoo! auction, The right to purchase Majikon as "purchase entitlement" now is exhibited in large quantities.

The search result of "ds purchase right" is like this.

As I reported yesterday, Yahoo! About the auction exhibition of "Majikon"I will delete it as soon as it is foundBut, is deletion done?

It seems to be "It is not buying and selling of the prohibited marquee main body, but it is buying and selling the right to purchase", but I'm very concerned about whether such loopholes are allowed or not.

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