Hoodie that can be a Batman that is also muscular Macho

Many costumes for disguising as a variety of T - shirts, sweats and Batman with Batman 's logo and character motif are on sale. However, even if you wear a T-shirt you can not be as robust as Batman, but even if you wear a costume it is hard to reproduce the abdominal muscles that broke up into six Batman's.

So in the usual town you can wear without incongruity, and when it comes to emergence, a dreamlike item that can be Batman even the face and body shape appeared. If you are wearing this, you may not be attacked by an asshole at night.

Details are as below.Lot 29 Urban Wear - Batman Full Image - Full Zip-Up Hoodie

This is that parka.

Closing the hood also makes the face even Batman.

The eye part is a mesh specification, so that people wearing the outside can see the landscape but from the outside it is not visible inside people.

If the mesh part is too far from the eyes and it is difficult to see the outside, use of double sided tape is recommended.

The material is 100% cotton, L · XL · XXL · XXXL 4 sizes and the price is 73.99 ~ 77.99 dollars (about 7200 ~ 7600 yen, depending on size).SuperHeroStuff.comIt is sold by etc.

Although it is a larger size development for men, it seems that a high crime prevention effect can be expected even when women wear such as when walking in the street at night.

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