New range for microwave oven "Range Donbu Curry Udon" newly released

Since April of this year Nissin actively promoting the development of a cup noodle dedicated to microwave oven will release "Range Donburi Curry Udon" for microwave oven from Monday, November 12th.

By cooking the range, the curry soup soaked in the soup, the soup also has a thickening, and that you can make full - fledged udon noodles.

Details of the price etc. from the following.
- Microwave-exclusive product appeared from "Nissin's Donbu" brand -
Only for microwave oven - cup containing raw udon
"Range donkei curry udon"
Information on new release

The price is 250 yen per tax. In the case of a 600 W microwave oven, it seems that curry udon will be produced in about 6 minutes with water. Raw noodles are rich in thick soup, ingredients are pork, shreds, leeks, carrots.

I just think I'm too tiny udon like steel or only a nightmare scenery that melts like a mushroom, but I can not do it properly .... I feel uneasy that may fail from before being released It is attacked by me.

Please see the following article for the impression of trying it.

Nissin 's Rinji Dolls Curry Udon Tasting Review - GIGAZINE

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