Nissin releases "Milk Seafood Noodle" focused on rumors

Noting the rumor that Nissin is "delicious when making seafood noodles with hot milk", developed "Milk seafood noodlesIt will be released nationwide from November 12 (Monday).

Based on seafood noodle soup, milk seafood soup with milk 's "mellowness" and "rich" is featured. What is this ...?

Milk 's "Mildness" "Koku" has been added to seafood noodles - New type cup noodle "Cup noodle milk seafood noodle" New release information

According to this release "Cup noodle milk seafood noodles" is so delicious when Nissin seriously makes a taste that is rumored to be made by hot milk with seafood noodles! It is said that it is developed under the concept of, and the features are as follows.

Cosiness and sweet noodle soup unique to cup noodles.

Milk seafood soup with milk 's mellowness and' rich 'added based on seafood noodle soup.

Crab flavor Bamboo shoots, squid, eggs, cabbage, green onions and cup noodles The same ingredients as seafood noodles.

In addition, the price seems to be 155 yen by tax.

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Milk seafood noodles also made boiling milk and compared to eat - GIGAZINE

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