What kind of questions will be asked about Google interview exam?

Google from time to timeLooking for various employeesWhat kind of questions are asked in the interview exercises specifically? I have not heard much about it.

When examining it,Interviewing is "all people in the workplace where they work together" and pass / fail criteria are "whether they want to work together"It is said that. There is also an airport test, "Assuming a scene where the airplane will not fly at the airport and you have to spend the night with your opponent, can you do that with the person?" It seems to be a test to hear ... ....

So, in the following, I actually list what other questions are asked. Can you join Google?
Crazy Questions at Google Job Interview? By? Make Money Online with Tihomir Nakov

How many golf balls will enter the school bus?

You shrink to the size of 5 cent coins. While keeping your body's current density, the mass decreases in proportion to your height. And youGlass Mixer. Blade of the mixer starts in 60 seconds. Now, what do you do?
* Since it was pointed out that "a nickel" is not a "nickel battery" but a 5 cent coin, I fixed it. Thank you for those who pointed out. Also, we changed the description about mass.

How much do you charge for cleaning Seattle all the windowpanes?

How do you find out that the stack of machines is increasing or decreasing in memory?

Explain to your 8-year-old nephew in three sentences about the database

How many times a clock's long hand and short hand overlap each day?

You must go from point A to point B. I do not know whether I can arrive there. what should I do?

Suppose you have a cupboard full of shirts. Finding a particular shirt is very difficult. How do you organize easily to find shirt?

There are 100 pairs of couples in this village, and all the husbands are cheating. All my wives know that non-husbands are cheating on me. And cheating and adultery is not permitted in this village's rule. Also, every wife has a rule to kill your husband as soon as you know that your husband is cheating. The women in this village do not rule against the law. One day the queen of the village said. This village has at least 1 man who is cheating on. Well, what happens to this village?

In one country people wanted only a boy for a child born. Therefore, every family kept making kids until they gave birth to a boy. What is the population ratio of boys and girls in this country?

If the probability that a car is present in the highway for 30 minutes is 0.95, how much is the probability in 10 minutes? (Suppose the probability is constant)

It was 3:15 when I saw the watch. What is the angle between the long hand and the short hand? (It is not zero)

It is necessary for the four people to cross the suspended bridge of the rope that is loose and return to the camp at night. Unfortunately there is only one flashlight, only 17 minutes can be used. Suspension bridges are too dangerous to cross without a flashlight, and the suspension bridge can only cross two people at the same time. Moreover, each person has different walking speed. Some take one minute to cross the bridge, another takes 2 minutes, the third takes 5 minutes, and the last takes 10 minutes. How can all of us get over in 17 minutes?

You are having a party with your friends and so on, all have 10 people including you. One of my friends suggested a bet. If you are the same birthday person as you can have you $ 1. A friend gets two dollars if you do not have the same birthday as you. Do you accept this bet?

How many piano tuners are in the whole world?

You have eight balls of the same size. Seven of them are of equal weight, but one is slightly heavier than the others. How can I find this slightly heavy ball using the balance twice?

There are five pirates, and they are ranked from 1st place to 5th place. The first pirate has the right to propose a plan of how to divide 100 gold coins. The rest of the pirates have the right to vote for this plan and the first pirate will be killed if less than half is agreed. How to maximize the share of the first ranked pirate and still survive? (Hint: One pirate eventually ends up in 98% of gold coins)

In addition, all questions have correct answers properly. Let's try people who are aiming at Google.

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