A 16 - year - old girl raped by a 51 - year - old man was sentenced to death

I do not know what you are talking about, but it seems like that.

The incident occurred in Iran two years ago. On August 15, 2004, a 16 - year - old girl named Atefah Sahaaleh was hanged in Iran 's public square.

The circumstances are as follows.
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Execution of a teenage girl

According to Islamic law "Sharia", there are three types of sins equivalent to the death penalty. Murder, drug smuggling, and unmarriage negotiations. The reason why the girl was sentenced to death was to say "adultery" as a crime, but of course I am not married. This is proved by having both the birth certificate and the death certificate, which seems to have been investigated by this.

When attending the party at the age of 13, she was arrested for "crime on purity" by "moral police" because he was alone with a boy in the car and was briefly thrown in prison , She seems to have received a sentence of whipping 100 times.

Also, after being released from prison, he seems to have been assaulted by a man of about the same age as her year. That is a 51-year-old man who has a married child Ali Darabi. He was raped several times by this guy.

She did not say this fact to the police and family, and as a result she was arrested again by the moral police.

In addition to trying to catch up further, allegations that she is a cause of immorality and that it has an adverse effect on the same age girl in the area are said to have been made by locals.

Three days after being arrested, she confessed to the trial that she was raped at this stage finally, but considering her age, her sin if she can not prove what she was raped and then It was extremely difficult to prove the raped fact in Iran's courtroom, and male testimony was more important than women's testimony, so it became a desperate situation.

She complained to the judge by appealing to her judge because she did not accept her claim at all and he told off the veil at the end of the phrase. That deed was a fatal blow, and she was sentenced to death. It was hanged at 6 am the next morning.

Her death penalty was not notified to his family, according to the court records her age was treated as "22 years old". Iran has also ratified various International Laws at once and is not applying the Islamic law in the case of 18 years old or under, but seems to have decided "to be 22 years old" to ignore it . The age of 22 is said that the judge has decided upon seeing her body.

By the way men who raped with 95 whiplash sentences.

2006/07/28 20:06 Addendum
Some of the translations were wrong, so I corrected it.

×: About three times, he seems to have been assaulted by a man of the same age as her.
○: She seems to have been assaulted by a man of about the same age as her year.

It seems to be about 48 years old, about three times as 16 years old, that is, this time 51 year old male. In this case it will connect with the next sentence.

Also, when I look it up, the hanging of Iran is not a neck-ceremony like Japan, but it seems to be a way to first tie a rope to a fish and pull that rope with a crane to narrow the neck. If you think that the image on the BBC site is a metaphor of something, it does not seem to be the case.

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