A nuclear shelter made assuming a nuclear attack from the US military during the Cold War

America and the Soviet Union bisected the worldCold warIn the era of Japan, there are various photos of shelters that were created assuming nuclear attack from the United States.

Not only old batteries, helmets, boots but also ampules of syringes and mysterious inspection kits, various things are left in that state at that time.

Details are as follows.
This is inside the shelter. Various things are placed.

Ampoule of syringe and stuff.

There are long rows of boots.

What is this box?

Helmet for disaster prevention.

Ventilation container used for gas mask etc.

What is this ...?

This equipment is also unidentified.

I have a note, but I still do not know anything.

Was it planned to think about measures here in emergency?

The drawers are rugged.

It is said to be a kit to check what chemical weapons were used on the ground.

There are 20 in all.

A lot of keys.

A lot of old batteries.

And a mountain of documents.

It seems that it was good that things that should be used actually did not come.

For the original photo, see the link below.

English Russia >> A Soviet Shelter

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