A photograph of a national library like a secret base in Minsk in the capital of Belarus

In the capital of the Republic of Belarus Minsk has a library that is invisible to the library. History itself is old, it seems that it was made as an university library in 1922, but President Lukashenko decided to build a new building in July 2002. It is good that it was completed safely, but what I can not think of as a very library has been made. When it gets dark it starts to shine like a nighttime castle.

Details are as follows.
Blue shining library. It seems like this is an amusement facility.

Standing in the snow.

Front entrance that stood up.

Looking from the side like this.

Statues and libraries.


Shiny floor.

There seems to be few users.

It seems easy to spend.

When I see the library at night ... a strange object.

By TerrettaCreative Commons

The snow scene suits you.

A blue sky without clouds.

The outline is a gradation.

The flag of Belarus.

The following photos are under construction. The characteristic body has already been formed.

Construction proceeds even in winter.

Whose statue is it?

This is the inside of the library.

Reading space.

Desks with light are lining up. Has book already been carried in?

You can also watch it in a movie. Illumination change digest version.
YouTube - Minsk public library rocks

If you think that it will only shine, letters also flow.
YouTube - National library of Belarus

Even from a distance. I do not want to live so close.
YouTube - The National Library of Belarus

Looking at the map like this. Data seems to be still under construction.

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LEDs Magazine - Belarus library gets LED lighting treatment

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