A signal that seems to panick for a moment

Signals are densely packed here and there in Japan, and there are places where you do not know which signal to follow, but there seems to be a thing in London where a tremendous number of traffic lights stick to one pillar.

Because it is installed in the city where the car is running as if nothing happens, if an unknown person tries to drive by car, it seems to be a little panic.

Pictures are as follows.
The Traffic Light Tree, Pierre Vivant 1998. - London, UK: citynoise.org

There are objects that are shining something far in the distance.

Looking closer, a tremendous number of traffic lights ...

Look up from below and feel like this. It looks like a tree.

I am mistaken for trees. The light that shines from the gap looks like an eye.

It looks like this at night. It is beautiful.

It looks like this is on the map.

I wonder if it actually functions as a traffic light.

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