A Czech TV tower with no face blowing high

There is a beautiful TV tower like Tokyo Tower, but there is a TV tower that has a unique shape like Tsutenkaku in Osaka, but there seems to be a TV tower hi-hi everywhere in the Czech where sculptures with no face are everywhere.

The form of the TV tower itself has changed quite a different shape, but the combination of baby sculptures has doubled the eeriness.

Pictures are as follows.
Ever seen a creepier tower?

This TV tower was built in the late 1980s, and the height is 216 meters. The baby's sculpture was attached in 2000, and it was said that temporary installation was planned at that time, as people have attached attachment, it is not removed and left as it is.

I'm up high.

Try looking down a bit, a tremendous baby. There seems to be a total of 10 babies.

It's horrible to see it in close proximity.

Only the face part is hollowed out.

The artist who designed the baby is david cerny. It seems that the television tower of a different shape has become considerably impacted by a baby with no face.

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