The world's largest ground paintings that surpass Nasca's ground paintings can be found in the Indian desert



Many people think of the giant geoglyphs of Nazca in Peru, South America, but the Thar Desert , which stretches across India and Pakistan, is the largest in the world, surpassing the geoglyphs of Nazca. A geoglyph was discovered. It is believed that the whole picture was so large that even the person who drew it could not see the picture.

New enigmatic geoglyphs in the Indian Thar Desert: The largest graphic realizations of mankind? --ScienceDirect

Enigmatic Designs Found in India May Be The Largest Images Ever Made by Human Hands

Huge spiral found in Indian desert may be largest drawing ever made, experts say | Daily Mail Online

French researchers and parents Carlo Oetheimer and Yohann Oetheimer used Google Earth to investigate the Thar Desert and thought it was a geoglyph near the oasis city of Jaisalmer. He said he discovered a geometric line. After that, in 2016, a field survey using an unmanned aerial vehicle was conducted, and although some ditches were found to have been dug for tree planting, ground paintings unrelated to tree planting were also confirmed.

Below is a diagram showing the ground painting of the Thar Desert confirmed by Oetheimer et al. A huge swirl called 'Boha 1' drawn near the village 'Boha Village' is drawn over a range of 724m in length and 201m in width, and is composed of a single line that extends for 12km. In addition, the figure called 'Boha2' depicted in the south-west of Boha1 is, Boustrophedon figure was meandering in distorted form a huge line that is folded in, and is composed of a small spiral, this figure also 11km It is drawn with a single line that spans.

by Carlo & Yohann Oetheimer, Archaeological Research in Asia, 2021

This is an image of a huge line drawn on the ground taken on the ground. The depth of the groove is less than 10 cm and the width is about 20 to 50 cm. In the image below, the distance to the next line is about 9 m. Even if you look closely, it is difficult to notice that this constitutes a magnificent geoglyph.

by Carlo & Yohann Oetheimer, Archaeological Research in Asia, 2021

There are other geoglyphs around Boha1 and Boha2 that seem to be related, and the total distance of the lines that can be confirmed at the time of writing the article is about 48 km, and it is estimated that 80 km of lines were drawn in the past. It has been. 'These geoglyphs are the largest in the world so far

, the first geoglyphs found on the Indian subcontinent (Indian Peninsula) , and are unique in their mysterious traces,' the research team said. I will.

It is unknown why this geoglyph was drawn and by whom. Several Hindu monuments have been found near the geoglyphs, and the research team points out that the geoglyphs were painted relatively recently, at least 150 years ago. In addition, since multiple stones are placed at important points, it is possible that area measurement technology was used to draw a geoglyph.

by Carlo & Yohann Oetheimer, Archaeological Research in Asia, 2021

Oetheimer and colleagues hope to be protected by the Government of India before these geoglyphs disappear due to human activity. 'After a thorough investigation, Boha's geoglyphs appear to be the largest human-abstract and organically arranged geometric geoglyphs ever discovered,' the research team said. Commented.

It takes more than 300m above the ground to see the whole picture of such a huge geoglyph, but since the place where it was drawn is in a desert with few undulations, even the person who drew it can see the geoglyph. It is believed that it could not be done. Therefore, the research team speculates that this geoglyph is not an artistic expression that emphasizes design, but is based on some cultural custom.

In his treatise, the research team said, 'This geoglyph encourages us to consider religious, astronomical and cosmological implications. Due to their uniqueness, they are exceptional locally observed. It is possible to speculate that it may be a memorial to an astronomical phenomenon. '' These unique geoglyphs are closely related to the geographical and cultural context, and are universally related to sacred things and the universe. Message may be included. '

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